Under-irrigation, or irrigation giving only just enough water for your lawn and plants, results in poor salinity quality of your grounds. This can lead to elevated soil salinity levels with the potential for the build up of salts (which, in high levels, are toxic) on your soil's surface. Heavy damage of this kind generally requires leaching to remove these salts along with an intelligent design for proper drainage to flush and remove said salts from your grounds. Arteno's Advanced Irrigation offers budget-friendly and intelligent options for all of your irrigation needs, both private and commercial.

Arteno's Advance Irrigation installs and services automatic irrigation systems for commercial and residential clients. Servicing Greater Cincinnati, we are a Hunter Preferred Installer. However, we service all major brands and specialize in updating expensive water wasting systems from the past. We back our installations with a one-year workmanship warranty.

We can custom design a system for your property, employing our extensive knowledge of the unique water requirements for different plants based on our background in horticulture. Whether it is drip irrigation or sprinklers, an automatic irrigation system will ensure your lawns and gardens are getting the required amount of water to be lush and healthy, no matter what the rainfall patterns are.

Our spring start-ups include a head to head inspection as well as a full system check of the backflow and control box as well. Our fall shut downs are performed with the utmost thoroughness providing a proper winterizing and ensuring the survival of your system, even in the most frigid and harsh weather.